The EnergyPod in L’Officiel Singapore

From September issue of L’Officiel Singapore:


Sleeping on the job is no longer for slackers – studies have shown that power naps can actually enhance employee productivity. Embracing the bene ts of a quick snooze are corporations like Google London, software company SAP Asia, and media agency Mediacom Singapore, which have installed EnergyPod napping chairs from Metronaps on their premises to rev up tired bodies and help employees boost alertness and productivity.

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Puppies, aromatherapy, nap pods: It’s all stress relief for students

“We realize we spend a lot of time testing our children, and we believe they deserve an outlet to think about things away from testing and even school in general to keep the balance,” he said. 

He said the state PTA even passed a resolution to bring attention to students’ need to get a full night of sleep, and hopes that this may eventually lead to later starting times for high school students. 

At UM, there are already efforts to help students get as much sleep as they can.

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Sleep tech can improve your ZZZs

Feeling tired? You're not alone. Forty-nine percent of Americans don't get the recommended eight hours of sleep a night. 

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has declared insufficient sleep a public health epidemic. Lack of sleep can cause depression, weight gain, difficulty concentrating and a slew of physical and mental ailments. It can also end marriages. One of four married couples sleep in separate beds because of restlessness, snoring, body temperature and the eternal struggle over a shared blanket. 

Despite the fact that we spend 33 percent of our lives sleeping, we invest very little in getting a good night's rest.

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Why Leaders Should Welcome Employees Napping on the Job

In the past, nodding off at your desk was considered not only embarrassing but also exceedingly bad form. Not to mention probable cause for reprimand, if not firing. But in today’s highly stressed, sleep-deprived, caffeine-dependent culture, the ability to take a guilt-free nap is more often considered a welcome, healthful workplace amenity. Even better, it can have significant positive effects on a company’s bottom line.

A rested employee is a productive employee. It makes sense for employers to allow today’s highly mobile worker to sneak in rest any time and any way they can -- even if it means stealing a few minutes for snoozing on company time.

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