MetroNaps is the premier provider of workplace rest facilities

We started our business in 2003 with a simple goal: To fight workplace fatigue. Since then, we have implemented hundreds of installations in offices, hospitals, universities and fitness centers in dozens of countries across four continents.

Introduction to MetroNaps EnergyPod

Benefits of Napping


Research conducted at the Department of Veterans Affairs Hospital (Northport, NY) concluded that a short sleep can improve cognitive functioning and alertness, resulting in a 30% decline in attention failures from baseline measure.


Lack of sleep causes workers to perform at subpar levels. Harvard researchers estimate that sleep deprivation costs America $63.2 billion in lost productivity every year.


A study of Hiroshima University, Department of Behavioral Sciences (Higashi-hiroshima, Japan) shows that naps improve performance level and self-confidence of task performance.


Researchers at the University of Düsseldorf concluded that even an ultra short period of sleep is sufficient to enhance memory processing.


The MetroNaps EnergyPod is the world’s first chair designed uniquely for napping in the workplace.

The ZeroChair is an elegant and comfortable reclining chair for napping in the workplace.
  • 1. Powered Recline System
  • 2. Durable Mechanism
  • 3. Plantation Grown Wood
  • 4. Premium Leather
  • 5. Adjustable Pillow


  • Virgin Active Health Clubs

    Matt Jones from Virgin Active Health Clubs is confident napping will become the new coffee break for stressed out workers:

    “We’ve actually had people who have joined the club specifically for the sleep pods.”
    – As quoted on Today Tonight. August 22, 2013.

    Matt Jones,
    Club Manager, Virgin Active Health Club

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  • Middletown,-CT,-United-States

    Wesleyan University

    “Since the EnergyPods were installed in Wesleyan’s main library and science library, they have been a huge hit!

    Initial comments from students and alumni were that the pods looked great, both in the very traditional main library and in the 1970s’ era science library. After students began using them, they commented that the pods provide privacy in a public space, and allow students to rest for a short while and then wake up refreshed. This is particularly important during reading week and exams, when students can literally spend days in the library.”

    Patricia Tully, Librarian, Wesleyan University

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  • Saint-Leo,-FL,-USA

    Saint Leo University

    “Studies have shown that sleep deprivation can have a negative effect on college student’s health and performance. Therefore, Saint Leo University designed a Relaxation Room in our new student apartment complex, featuring four MetroNaps EnergyPods. Not only are they uniquely designed, but they work! Following the 20 minute, pre-programmed relaxation session; students, staff and faculty state they feel energized. The Relaxation Room is extremely popular and the Pods have been a huge success within the Saint Leo University community.”

    Kenneth Posner, Associate Vice President for Student Services, Saint Leo University

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  • Palmdale,-CA,-United-States


    “NASA is running a fatigue management plan for night operations. As a part of this plan, two EnergyPods were installed in the autumn of 2012.”

    Dr. Gregg A. Bendrick,
    Chief Medical Officer, NASA

  • Mountain-View,-CA,-United-States


    “No workplace is complete without a nap pod” – As quoted in CBS This Morning, January 23, 2013

    David Radcliffe,
    Vice President of Real Estate & Workplace Services, Google

  • New-York-City,-NY,-United-States

    Huffington Post

    “When we first started the nap rooms, a year and a half ago, people were reluctant to use them. Now, we need to open a third one; they are so overbooked. People blog even about the impact it has on them to just get 20 minutes in the middle of the afternoon.” – As quoted in CBS This Morning, June 12, 2012

    Arianna Huffington, Editor in Chief, Huffington Post Media Group

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