MetroNaps' CEO Presents "Sleep for Success"


MetroNaps CEO, Christopher Lindholst, lectured at Asklepios Campus Hamburg on "Tips, tricks and tools for creating a successful sleep regime for good health and good grades" where students "were rewarded not only with numerous well-known and less well-known hints for a healthy night sleep and an optimal sleep environment, but also with interesting results from sleep research." Read more here

Why Napping is Becoming a Big Business

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The staff at Trace Analytics, a compressed air testing laboratory in Austin, Texas, is in the throes of nap nirvana. Two EnergyPods from MetroNaps have just been delivered, and CEO David Snee has been watching a parade of employees try them out. In the three hours since installation, 18 out of 33 employees have visited the nap pods. Read more here

When Work Becomes Bad for Your Health

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"Working hard is not a bad thing. However, if you continuously sacrifice time with family, friends, and yourself for "getting one more thing done," you undermine your long-term effectiveness...A business owner with poor health is a risk to the company's longevity.  On the flip side, a company culture that celebrates long work days tacitly approves of weakening employees' health and limiting their performance."